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About us is started on 21-April-2012 from the initiative of Rachana and Edward.

The poor people of her village (named: O village) has been the ambition to do something about the poverty.

Instead of ask donations, we sell souvenirs, 50% of the profit will go to the charity/community.
This way we can help the people in the village and also make a better living for the children and their parents.

Our goal(s):
With the 50% profit of our sellings, we can start building a well for the people, so the health will approve by using clean (drinking) water.
when we have achieved that, we want to help the people to start a small farm for grow vegetables, so they can provide them self food and also for selling their vegetables, to make some money.

Education is the main source to have a better future, thats why we provide books, pen’s and uniforms wich the children need in school.

How can you help?

There are different way’s to help, for example, Buy a product in our webshop and 50% of the profit go’s to the community.

Or you can volenteer at the community by teaching english/ fixing homes etcec  or helping by sending a donation.  Every donation will goto the projects for 100%.

If you like, you can send pencils, english books (books for children), toys for kids etcetc……

If you like to send equipment what the children can use for school or at the orphanage, please contact us for the shipment details.


When we are working on a project, we will give details about improvements by showing the pictures on site.







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